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Where are we we really know?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Very interesting times were are living in. If you are one who follows the Christian (Judaeo-Christian) belief system you may have wondered when have Christians, in America, ever been 'persecuted'? As well, when hasn't the Christian moral guidelines not been the basis of the American way?

All of this is changing…rapidly. Up until the 1960’s we had a rather prudent view on the news, the reporting of the news, movies and our moral standing. Not that people didn’t act outside of these constraints, but for the most part the prudent moral compass has guided our country.

Since the 60’s, a significant change went into high gear. More and more promiscuous ideologies have have seeped into our culture slowly changing our perceptions of what is proper and improper behavior. They moved into a an accepted activity and slowly numbed our populace to these behaviors. It is now to the point that ‘that which was wrong is now right and that which was right is now looked upon as  ‘wrong’. Like the proverbial ‘how do you cook a frog, slowing turning up the heat so it is not noticed.

These changes came first by suggestions, then tolerated, eventually the ideas became mainstream. With enough ‘marketing’ they move to recommended behaviors, to required tolerance, to mandated acceptance. To insure these phobias are allowed, intolerance of these new morals came with a punishment first by phobic labeling  then come laws that make non-acceptance of these choices, criminal.

How do we determine what has changed and determine if it was for the betterment of man-kind? Every perspective can be argued and defended.  We find things can harm or uplift us. All of the harmful, disrespecting, demeaning attitudes and our enslavement's to things, be they experiences, people, activities, greed or the desire to control others, all could be avoided if we viewed It; particularly as ‘Christians’, as we have failed to follow the primary pellucidity of the Christian foundation.  This fundamental element is bore out in the Universe, seen in science, in our bodies, our feelings, and our relationships with each other. This fundamental basis or command, both given to us and demonstrated in the physiology of our lives.

I'm talking about the "Order" that was given us to love one another.  Now I’m not talking about ‘religion’ and all of the special ways they can demean, judge, abuse, mislead, even attempt to place people into some sort of cast system hierarchy. I’m referring to the words of Yeshua, and the example he lived. His was the greatest demonstration of serving others as we have ever had.

Rather then serving each other, we seem to fallen to an existence of ‘My Way’ is the only way. We find millions or reasons to separate ourselves from each other, to one up the next guy. These ways are based on various, staunchly adhered to doctrines , which are causing major divisions among the thousands of different denominations of ‘Christians’ and people of other beliefs.

The essence of the Bible explains that the highest 'Law' given to us was to Love one another. This law is demonstrated in the physics of our world through the precise, orderly, creative nature of it’s operation. Most religious belief systems also espouse this idea as evidenced by many having an expression of the 'golden rule'. They reference the Order of the Universe to base their system on. These religious tenets espouse a belief that if we seek our harmony with this God,  the Absolute Spirit, Absolute Consciousness, it will bring us harmony, peace, Love, joy etc, to ourselves and to those around us. Things are changing and changing quickly. Not only are we leaving the churches and the religion, which may not be all that bad, we need to seek our OWN journey and directions. Unfortunately we are leaving all behind and today the bible is being caste as "Hate Speech"??  Why? Is it that we do not want a right or wrong, no measuring stick to look to? No one to ‘answer’ to?

We each need to strengthen our individual paths in our attempt to harmonize with the Creator of all things, simply for our own sake. If we don’t this world will move to dark levels never imagined. We have already seen man’s darkness through the millions upon millions killed by their ‘leaders’ Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Jim Jones, all for simple control. How important is for us to learn to love one another? What is the true expectation of this Love, this Unconditional Love? The measuring stick is rather exacting. The ultimate expression of the Love or Compassion for one another is life and world changing.

Yeshua said "If you say you Love God, (as most Religious people do) but have hate for your brother. The Truth is NOT IN YOU"....Man I ain't even coming close to touching this one...but I believe it is our journey to daily make efforts to get there. This requires one to focus on the NOW, staying centered in Peace and understand the target is to be able to Love do this we first must love ourselves. We were given another measuring stick.…’You love those who love you, now Love those that hate you.’

If harmony with the Universal Consciousness brings harmony and peace, then the further we get away from it brings disharmony, dis-ease and death. Thus the story of lucifer and the evil, the purest form of serving self.  The outcome of self-serving or self debasing is death. Yeshua showed the servants way, lucifer showed the self-serving. This battle of direction and choice is why we have conflict in our lives, our relationships and in the world.

These Laws of Love are sobering standards to shoot for. We find that while moving along this path it will bring a change to our everything.  The journey of selflessness is hampered by our getting wrapped into the hatred and division that is being promoted and marketed by those people who have chosen to gain through harming others. Those who have chosen to serve themselves delve into deeper and deeper levels of greed and satanic control, all meant to enslave or destroy most of man-kind, (see the Georgia Stones).

Today there is a resolute effort to move us into 'trans-humanism'. It is being done through the use of a electronic chip (RIF) device in us in some fashion. They will promote it with the offer of some perceived benefit, that will eventually, after acceptance, move towards chip implants into our heads. Promoting an attraction for us to live in some alternate intelligence construct? Some virtual reality or instance genius through instant access to the vast information on the web. The Borg Collect is coming and we need to know that we may some day have to say..."I have my beliefs, and I will not turn my back on them". I will NOT serve anything but the Creator of ALL things, certainly not a man-made existence.

Your thoughts?

Be Peace, Be Well.

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