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As We Believe

Might all of this insanity of this world change the moment we realize that the Infinite Creator God resides within each of us? Because we believe the lies of this 'world' that we are worthless, came from nothing and are going back to nothing, that we are insignificant victims; are we are using the POWER that created all that we see and creating our world in accordance to what we expect? Getting what we believe we "deserve"? Didn't Yeshua said that the Kingdom is within and that we should do all that he did? Didn't he show that this 'place / dimension' is controllable and changeable? Once we all understand that our Spiritual endowment has been stolen, or at least hidden from us, and align our interior with Source then the exterior will also change.

We are Spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our thoughts, knowledge and understanding have all been manipulated to make us believe things happen to us. When they actually happen from us in accordance with our beliefs. Remember - “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” I once heard an old Indian story about people needing rain and they called upon a Indian Shaman to do a 'rain dance', he actually only went out and walked. It rained shortly after and they asked him what he did. He said he walked around experiencing the rain falling on his face, the wetness on his feet and touched the rain on the wheat. He worked from a position of having and not from 'wanting', since the wanting position reinforced the lacking and the experiencing enforced the being. Once we really, concretely understand and believe, we will see.

We have been lied to. We weren’t born ‘sinful’ we were born into a construct that aligns itself with the energy or beliefs we have. We have been lead to believe that we are weak and victims. This belief was provided to us by those who know the truth and hide it from us. They created limiting beliefs reinforced through religions that teaches us that “God” is angry and punishing us, that we must look outside of ourselves for someone or something to rescue us. They tell us that the things they know to be true are ‘evil’ and we must avoid them. The truth was taught be Yeshua that the Kingdom is within us and that the Infinite Creator resides in us. Our purpose is to go from a duality of the physical and Spiritual to a oneness with the Spiritual, with the Infinite Creator God. By the way, the singularity is not a singularity with or via AI.

The way is unconditional Love, compassion, serving each other. There is no scarcity in this construct, it is constantly expanding and creating. Our problem is we have been lead to believe we are doomed and have to suffer until the end of this physical life to hopefully gain entrance to some paradise; IF we did the right stuff, which was hidden from us. Each of us is the perfect creation of the perfect Creator, the objective is to become the perfect reflection of the perfect Creator. This is very possible once we shed the malignant program that has been so skillfully imprinted into our psyche.

Once we can deprogram ourselves from the deceptive propaganda we have been fed, we can then change this world and return to “Eden”. We must however; concretely and succinctly believe and understand this truth from the depths of our hearts, since we have been influenced at every level of our existence. No one is coming to ‘save’ you, it is up to each of us to do what Yeshua did.


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