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Are the Aliens coming to Help?

I was listening to a guy today speaking about the present changes we are going through. Referring to a frequency level, equating it to a Spiritual transformation that is to come. How we are presently in the 3rd dimension and we are at a point of ‘waking up’ so that we can move up into the 4th dimension. This dimension is of a higher vibration and will be of a greater positive charge or experience. This moving up he associated with the Rapture, other religions have various names for a similar event. It is a time that metamorphosis is coming, involving changes in the sun, or a cosmic fire or flare comes, that will destroy this planet.

Based on whether we are Loving or Self-consumed, will determine our destiny. Did we have a compassion for others? He commented that if we were ‘more good than bad’ we would relocate to this ‘higher’ dimension (4th) and then after a period of time we would go to a new ‘3rd’ dimensional world where we would live in peace and harmony for 1,000 years.

If we are one who were to be moved up, there are billions of stealth space vehicles; waiting around the planet to take you. During the long journey; these space being pilots would teach us and prepare us for going to the ‘new home’. I greatly paraphrased this.

For discussion sake the ‘Rapture’ is when the ‘believers’ are taken up into the air, receive ‘transformed bodies’ and move into ‘heaven’. I have some conflictions with this man’s thesis. There are many stories about a great fire or catastrophe coming to end this planet. On an energetic level anger and hatred have a very slow and low vibrations where as Love, Joy, Compassion have much higher vibrations. I could understand if the vibrations get too out of ‘harmony’ with the Universes, that some sort of explosive event could happen at a molecular level.

As pertaining to ‘moving up’. I understand the need to have a harmonic vibration of Love, Joy and Compassion to move into a higher vibratory level, otherwise they would repel each other. Counting on being more ‘good’ than ‘bad’? I would not want to take the chance that I’ve done more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ since I know my past and I don’t know all of the ‘bad’ that my bad choice created in those who experienced it. Like the stone in the pond, the waves go on and on. I know that there is only 1 person that I “know” had a very positive outcome from our encounter, because she told me something I did motivate her to achieve a dream of her’s. But that’s only one. I believe I have been more good than bad, but. There is a story of Jesus or Yeshua who is said to be the Son of God, we are the children of God. This “Son” was the perfect expression of the Primal Frequency that was the causative force behind all that is. My thought is that whatever caused all of this is Infinite. Something we could never define. The first Expression of this “Force” in the first Finite level was called Michael. The archangel; Michael means, “who is like God”. As each dimension slows and become more dense until you get here to the 3rd dimension; the expression of God was Jesus or Yeshua. I believe the reason God presented It’s Self here was to demonstrate, to show, to be the ‘way’ to met the vibrational requirements or tuning. Belief in Him is a for sure ticket to make the transition.

If there are other ‘enlightened beings’ or ‘gods’ I don’t know. What I am pretty sure is that if there was a ‘plan’ to do all of this by the Infinite God, It would not need any assistance to ‘complete the plan’ from man or any other ‘lesser’ beings. What I am also pretty sure of is that there are multiple references to ‘giants’ and beings called the Anunnaki; Enlil and Enki were the two big shots that were considered ‘gods’ for ages. I have read that there were ‘giant’ beings created by the ‘fallen angels’ who mated with earth women; bearing these giants; the Nephilim. There are many stories of giants in multiple cultures. If these beings came from fallen angels mating with human women then could these ‘space beings’ who are going to ‘help us’ be the same fallen angels?

In most of the religious tenets there is a description of a event takes place “In a twinkling of an eye” we will be changed. It also says that at that moment we would be IN the presence of God. Seems like if the Primal Intent, the Infinite Creator of all things is going to do it, It would do it without the help of lesser beings. Who knows? I certainly don’t, but I ask for you to use discernment when dealing with any ‘space being’ any being but particularly an ‘Alien’. If they don’t give 100% credit to the Infinite Creator, the Source of all things, then they may not have your best at heart. If “The Kingdom is Within”, why do we constantly look outside for it? Be Well, Be Peace.

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