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So, how does the story end ?

So, what is the ending of the story?

Seems like there is really nothing in this world that is actually what we believe it to. From our beginnings as human beings, we were told we came from nothing and therefore, that is also our value.

We were told we have no connection or purpose and therefore have no say or control and are simply victims.

We have a political system that once was the voice of the people and now it is simply the will of the ‘elected’ corporate executives doing business and having no allegiance to those who ‘elected’ them, at least so we believe we did.

We have been told and believe that individually we have no connection to the creative power behind all we see. We have been told we must trust this person; a delegated ambassador of the Infinite, to do any needed intercessions on our behalf.

We were told we must wait on a savior, when that person came he brought the answers to our true freedom. His words were twisted, misdirected and the teacher was made “God”. Done in the attempt to make the unworthy know that they could never do what he did cause he was God.

We were told we will have to try and be good little boys and girls and listen to the “Religions” of the world and live in peace with each other as we go about killing each other over our ‘beliefs’.

For hundreds of thousands of years we have been fed a story line, a construct of thinking that has been manipulated by a group of control freaks. It is thought that these collection of miscreants are followers who some call lucifer.

If you know the game, are expert in the rules and understand the nuisances of the game board and could change the rules whenever; you stand a pretty good chance to win.

While setting up the game; if you know the secretes, the keys of the workings of the game board construct, and keep that knowledge to yourself or a ‘chosen few’, you stand a great chance in controlling the game.

One aspect of the game is that the outcomes of each position, or piece’s journey is based upon the belief system operating within that piece. The belief system, that totally removed any power from the Creator being at our disposal. We have been told we must trust something or someone outside of ourselves.

How did those in control manage to separate us from our relationship with the Creator, using the same truths we were told to set us free?

Photons are the building blocks of this matrix, and these photons align themselves with whatever energy or belief they come in contact with. This relationship is governed by the law of Cause and Effect or ‘reap what ye sow’ or karma. If you can be ‘programmed with certain beliefs, your life’s journey will drastically be changed and it’s direction taken from your control into the programmed beliefs and therefore out of Divine Will. Everything has a purpose and is a course changer in our lives, and if we look for the reason of the ‘thing’ it may be an indicator we need to do something else. You know, continuing to do the same thing over expecting different results?

What is the lie? The lie is that we are separate from each other. Since we all came from the beginning, whatever that was and the ‘big bang’ come from the Voice of the Infinite One, everything in harmony with that frequency is divinely orderly, precise and ever growing.

There are forces in this physical plane that want to distract us, cause us pain and anguish since this is what thrills them.

We don’t need to fear when we were told that: “If we resist satan, HE WILL FLEE”. Not that he will slap you again but that he WILL flee. Our relationship with the Infinite Creator is that a spark of it is inside of each us. If we allow this spark to begin to go ablaze, there would be no negativity, no darkness, no evil in this place. Our understanding of this has been disrupted.

We have been lead to believe that the world will end in a third world war, that destroys everything and that this guy will come back again, to stop the evil ones. The ‘return of Christ’ is not the person known as Yeshua. It is the powerful washing of the energy from Source to purge out all of the evil. The belief we are going into an Armageddon and that a specific group of people will be removed first, may not be true. Maybe since we have been lead to believe that there is no “Creator” we have believed this. The Truth is that we have never been separated, we were blinded, dumbed down to believe this lie. Remember the words. “Fear Not”, “He will flee from you”, “Everything I have done”, understand the photon functions and understand this consciousness that we exist in is precise, perfect, orderly and Immutable. The Laws that govern this construct are immutable.

When we believe we are one, when we refuse to participate in killings and the ways of deceit, we end the belief in scarcity and gain the understanding this world is abundant, though we do need to be better stewards; however enslaving mankind and having a select, non-elected group of cretins controlling everything and enslaving all of mankind is not going to happen.

Too many people are waking up and saying NO MORE lies, no more wars, no more killings, no more consumerism, no more greed, No More.

This will not happen since we are all seeing through the lies, we have experienced the hatred, wars, the control, the institution of disease into our land, food, air, and medications. I believe we have reached the critical mass and now the darkness will be COMPLETELY dispelled by the light. Will we have wrong doings? Yes, but there will be no harming others for personal gains. Harm no one.

This change is coming, watch and see, watch and believe that we will return the “Eden”. Where we will put away all of the ‘laws of man’ and Live by the Laws of Nature.

I believe the “rapture” will happen, but it will be Source taking out the trash and us being left with the New Earth, the Garden.


“As you thinketh in your heart, so shall it be”.

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