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Reconnecting with Source

Suppose that scientists received a coded message. With effort, they eventually decode the language, finding that it consists of four letters. These four letters are arranged into billions of lines of code, which the scientists ultimately realize constitute a blueprint to build an extremely complex machine – a machine that is a self-replicating machine with thousands of interdependent parts that must assemble themselves, correct errors as they occur and continue functioning in harmony decade after decade. What if scientists could begin working with this code to make changes and to alter the natural order of things? Would this not be enough to convince even the most skeptical that “something” highly intelligent and incredibly powerful was out there? That we are not alone?

So why aren’t more people convinced. After all, we already are the recipients of such directed intelligence. The four-letter language that codes billions of lines of instructions to build a complex machine is, of course, DNA. In short, while the scientific community remains largely materialistic, that façade

is starting to crack, as more is learned about the incredibly information-rich nature of DNA, as well as the finely-tuned nature of the laws of the universe. Such information, and such laws, are not random. While some continue to insist that DNA evolved from lifeless matter, there is no mechanism to explain the beginning of DNA. Even the earliest single celled life form required such massive amounts of information that self-assembly is simply implausible. [excerpt from CrossExamined.Org]

God, the creator of all things cannot be denied without closing your mind to this Fact.

This Creator God started all in a precise, orderly, creative process and the Divine Intent is Oneness with His creation. WE are not separated from the Creator on a cosmic level, only in our physical existence. The curator of this physical dimension is disorder, disharmony, destruction and separation from the Original Intent, the God Conscientiousness in which we exist.

Our purpose is to understand and accept the Oneness we have with the Source of all things. God the Creator is indefinable, infinite and ever present. When God created the Etheric state, the first thing that was outside of God, “God’s Consciousness” he presented himself as Michael the archangel. The first finite expression of the Source of all things.

The first actual ‘creation’ of the Creator was Lucifer the morning start, the bright and shining prince. Who choose to want to be more or at least equal to the Creator God. This first ‘self-serving’ act started the division of the harmony into some disharmony, which perpetually becomes more and more disharmonious, leading further and further away from the original Primal Intent frequency.

Eventually the Creator all ALL things tossed lucifer out of the Etheric space to prevent any further infestation and put him into this physical, more dense space, possibly to cause his actions to be delayed due to the denseness of this world of matter. Along with lucifer were many other angelic creations that followed lucifer’s desire to be the boss.

Lucifer continues to want to be greater or equal to God the Creator and wants all of Man-kind either destroyed or converted into his image. Bring in the enticements of the flesh, the lies of this world and the chaos that permeates this world and our lives. These efforts are meant to distract us from our finding our way to ‘reuniting’ with the Source of all things. The story of Eden is where lucifer first enticed man-kind into choosing to do their thing rather then abiding by the Laws of Nature, of God.

If lucifer can’t sidetrack us into missing the mark (the true meaning of the word ‘sin’) then he will attempt to convert us into choosing to worship him or make us into something of it’s creation; enter AI, the computer chip enhancement to move us into a cyborg creation, no longer a precise creation of Source but now a ‘trans-human’ being, a ‘creation’ of lucifer. You see lucifer cannot create anything new, he can only build out from that which has been Created by Source. Once the chip and the connection is made, we no longer have control, we have yielded ourselves to the AI god.

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is something that if we accept will insure we cannot enter back into the Oneness of the Creator, into It’s presence because we have CHOOSEN to turn away. This act will require a conscious determined choice to deny the Creator God and ‘worship’ lucifer. If we choose not to ‘worship’ or serve the Evil one we will not be allowed to partake in commerce (to buy and sell) and eventually will be killed.

The only way to insure that we live a life in harmony with the Creator of all things is to live by the Laws of Love. To Love one another was the commandment. To Love unconditionally, something that NONE of us can do. Every ‘religion’ has some form of the Golden Rule, most every religion says we must live in harmony with each other, but none of us can do this perfectly. Enter Yeshua or Jesus. As Michael is the expression of God in the first finite dimension, Yeshua is the expression of God in this one. He came to live the life we cannot, he came to live by the Laws of Nature and show the way. He demonstrated what is possible with the possible connection with Source here on earth. None of us can live this life of Perfect Harmony with the Creator and each other. Yeshua did and by accepting this knowledge and understanding and acknowledging that we have ‘missed the mark’ and have no real chance of ever living in the Perfect Harmony of the Creator. Yeshua did it and by our believing and accepting what God did as Yeshua we have a ‘ticket’ to this oneness with Source.

Once our acceptance is completed, it will have a transformative effect on our lives. We then continue to do our best to live in the Unconditional Love manner. No other Spiritual teaching or ‘religions’ provide a Teacher who accomplished the ‘perfect life’. Yeshua came, he lived, he died, he went from the Beginning of ALL things into the proverbial ‘hell’ and back in order to take the True Will of God from Source to the very end of the evil lucifer efforts and then back to Source, so that all can return to God. This is a gift from the Creator to insure that “none shall perish but have everlasting life.”

Choose you this day whom you will serve.

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