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Vaccines, what is really going on?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This is a response to a question that was posed to me by some friends for my thoughts on vaccines. Well, let me preface my response with I am what most call a conspiracy theorist, a long term, bonafide one. I am a nurse of over 45 years, a medic during the Nam era, I have done respirator fit testing for Chrysler, Ford and GM as part of my experiences. I have been searching for facts and truth for most of my life. Truth that actually makes sense.

If we are searching for the truth we must research and read and gather information. I find it curious that the facts about anti-vaccines are NOW nearly impossible to gather, at least the stuff presenting the harmful effects, unless you go off to the ‘dark web’. Why do the big pharma’s have immunity against litigation against any harm that befalls those that have received them and are hurt? Why does the ‘media’ block the anti-vaxxer opinions? Heck, they are blocking anything that is considered 'conservative' now a days. There are thousands of PhD types; doctors and scientists that have brought out evidence that: 1. the vaccines do not work, 2. reporting of thousands of people have had severe adverse reactions to vaccines and even death, particularly to this one, thousands of elderly have died within a week of receiving the vaccine, even after they had previously ‘recovered’ from having the C-19. 3. this vaccine was NOT ‘greatly researched and developed’, they have totally bypassed animal testing and with the rate of development, there has been no study about long term effects. 4. nearly 100% of the Sid's deaths all had one or more of the “required” childhood vaccines the day of their deaths or within several days prior. 5. ADHD, Autism, seizures and auto-immune diseased have sky-rocketed since the advent of vaccines, Autism in particular has gone from 1:10,000 in 1983 to 1:36 in 2018. 6. The mask’s ability to prevent particulate will not stop a virus. Wearing a mask to prevent the virus is like putting up a cyclone fence to keep mosquito's out of your yard.

During the fit testing, we used banana oil, if the wearer could smell the banana oil, the fit of the mask was not adequate and therefore a failed test, can you smell stuff while wearing your mask? There are many other issues but it would go on too long. Why do they have to lock down any and all opposing views, IF they are telling you the Truth? Why are they pushing mandatory 100% vaccinations of our population? IF the vaccines work, then those who received the vaccine need not worry about those of us that don’t since if they were ‘exposed’ they would not come down with the disease. Though they would tell you a fact, the viruses mutate, which is true, so then do we continue to get multiple vaccines for every mutation? How much mercury, ammonia sulfate, animal, viral and human fetal cells and other forms of DNA do we need? How much mono-sodium glutamate, aluminum, neomycin sulfate do we need? The list of un-natural elements found in the vaccines is extensive. Many of these elements have been banned from other uses such as in flooring, toys, carpeting and many other uses.

The bigger issues I have are, who is pushing the mandatory vaccine policy? The big pharma who have been pushing carbon based drugs to ‘treat’ diseases ever since we went from homeopathic care to allopathic means. Nearly 100% of dis-ease is due to poor nutrition and the effect of the stressors of thought and environment. Too much of the wrong stress like anxiety, fear, hatred all cause the ‘flight or fight’ system to kick in to prepare us for a battle. If these chemicals are not utilized, they cause an acidic condition of the blood. In an acidic Ph, dis-ease will flourish, bacteria and viruses grow. With proper nutrition and a peaceful, loving attitude we incite the para-sympathetic system which balances the Ph and brings us into a slightly alkaline Ph which absolutely destroys dis-ease and brings us health. The medical profession keeps us well enough not to ‘die’ but sick enough to keep coming back. They totally ban, block and discredit any natural means to health, simply for profit.

Then there is Bill Gates and Anthony Faucci, both vested in the business of dis-ease. They both market the problem and will be paid handsomely for providing the ‘cure’, including the CDC who is also a vested owner of this whole process. NOT one man-made treatment for cancer or many of the other dis-eases will ever ‘cure’ with these carbon based drugs, they only treat the symptom of the cause. Why are they not pushing healthy eating, exercise, meditation and many other natural ways to prevent illness? Because they cannot make money since they cannot patent any God created, naturally occurring substances.

Greed is the number one evil in this world, greed so intent as to harm others for their profit, this is the manifestation of self-serving behaviors. We know the nutritional tables they had promoted for ever, is totally ass-backwards and now they are revising it to include more vegetables, and less carbs. They told us eggs were totally bad and now we know they are one of the most complete proteins we have. They told us to stop eating fats because they cause blockages of our arteries, but this to is a lie. Dr. Lionel Pauling, proved that 5,000 mg of Vit “C” and 300 mg of L-lysine will totally clear out the arteries and the government granted him a patent on it. He found the blockages were caused by the cracking of the arterial walls and the cholesterol and platelet caused plagues were placed there in an attempt to plug the holes. This is a form of Scurvy and Vit-C reverses this. Found out by the sailors coming from Europe during the early pioneer days, they realized they needed citrus fruits for the trip here. Sugar should be banned, if it were to come out today as a new product it would be since it offers absolutely no nutritional value for the massive amount of calories and acidity it provides.

I believe in a Creator of ALL things and the universe is precise, orderly and perfect. Only where man has involved his ‘genius’ is where we have issues. Natural immunity is the ONLY way to gain ‘herd immunity’, not by by-passing the natural mechanics of this process.

The vaccines contain many chemicals and other substances that have been proven to be toxic to mankind. This includes RNA and DNA modifiers. This brings me to my biggest concern. IF you believe in the “Good” vs “evil”, God vs satan story and the premise of the start of our deviation from what the Creator of ALL things started; a harmonious, Loving, precise and orderly process or construct, was a ‘choice’ which started the movement into more and more dis-harmony, leading us further and further away from the Source of all things. This choice was to do my own thing. The religious tenets teach of this deviation point was the supposed lucifer wanting to be worshiped and equal or greater than the Creator of all things. This self-serving, self aggrandizing desire has moved us more and more out of the frequency of the Initial Intent of the Creator.

The ultimate goal of this choice is to either destroy the creation of the Creator or make it in ‘his’ image. Interesting process. IF true, then as earlier stated, they cannot patent any Naturally occurring, God made elements. If the RNA and DNA modifiers can actually change and modify our DNA then we become a "changed" being. Accordingly, a new ‘creation’ which some say would make patents allowed on each of us. Making us in “it’s” image. Trans-humanism at it’s finest. Some speak of this ‘mark of the beast’, “no one can buy or sell without it” If they a mandating the vaccines and now we are hearing, “you no fly with out the vaccine proof”, is this ultimately where this is going? You can't do anything without the 'passport'?

I don’t know, this is only food for thought. I do know that the Bible has discussed this whole process with amazing accuracy. I don’t do religion because the churches have also be ‘changed’. We have not heard the truth in a church since the 1950’s. The churches have been tickling our ears with feel good stuff for years. The truth as spoke by Yeshua, (the true name of Jesus, Jesus is Greek for Zeus, although renditions of all religious beliefs can be found expressed in mythology), Yeshua taught that we must love God with all of our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves, how do we love others when we have been brainwashed into believing we are “sinful” and not worthy of love? How do we believe we have any intrinsic value when we have been told we and our lives are meaningless through the lie of darwinism. The de-valuing of the unborn through abortion and the 'cost' of caring for the elderly? IF the beginning our life has no value and the end our our lives has no value, there is no value of the ‘life’ in-between. The term religions have given to this self-serving desire is satan. Most of the politicians, news media and hollywood are self proclaimed satanist, pedophiles and abusers of themselves and others. The desires of evil will never satisfy and will lead to more and more perverse behavior. They profit from deception, lies and the destruction of man-kinds thoughts and our true standing IN God.

This is only one man’s thought and like the saying everyone has a rectum and most of them stink. Take what you will from this, the least I pray for is it caused some thought. Thought for not only our physical futures, but our Spiritual one, the only one that really matters.

Choose you this day whom you will serve. We were commanded to love one another, Yeshua said he would know us by our fruits. The way is narrow and few will choose to walk it. There are no thorns on a fig tree and no fruit on a thorn bush. Evidence is the proof. Are we trying to walk the narrow way or have we all been side tracked into the meaningless chaos of this world? The desires of the flesh cannot an never will be satisfied. Only Love will last.

God Bless, Be well, Be Peace.

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