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Why is there suffering?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

A question was raised, one that many of us struggle with; “If there is a God, why does he allow suffering?”.

The Causative Power that created this universe put it in a frequency of unconditional compassion, always seeking out the best expression. Man-kind, it seems has been going in a totally different direction, an opposite direction. We have killed more people in the name of our 'gods' then for mere greed. Maybe killing others is the extreme expression of greed. The churches seem to have misplaced their compassion.

There is no doubt that there had to be a Causative Power. A Power to move nothing into something. The infinite created the finite. The ‘big bang’, call that power what you will but it is timeless space-less and material-less. It has no potential because it is All, It lacks nothing.

This Power is also personal and purposeful since It decided to create something different from Itself. The universe is meticulously precise, orderly, harmonious and provides us an example of the manner in which we should live. The demonstration of this Power is the frequency we can call compassion, Unconditional Compassion or Love, total harmony. This frequency balances our blood Ph, heals our bodies and promotes health. It allows for peaceful relationships with others, when we make the choice to be in this frequency of service to one another, as evidenced by every cell of our body, they work together for the good of the whole, except cancer. Should we not also work together as a whole? Self-serving being the cancer.  

The Universe is under the harmony of the Causative Power, has no choice. Then the ‘story’ of lucifer, the choice to do it my way started the frequency out of balance with the Primal Intent. Then with the creation of man, a being capable of ‘higher’ thought, was also given the ability to choose. We have the freedom to use this Power of the universe based on our choices. We are free to chose this harmony or some level of disharmony; call it being less compassionate, to the point of killing another, our choice.

To interfere with our free will would enslave us, the very thing we fight against the most, being under the control of someone or thing outside of ourselves is not acceptable to us.

The life and teachings of Yeshua demonstrated the level of extreme extension of compassion that we need to have to be in harmony with Source. We must do no harm. We must come to the understanding and knowing that we are all in this together and we need to learn to live as one. We all have a decision to make, to love or hate, harm or help. The consequences of our choices will have an impact on our lives, and those around us. Those who choose to murder, for any cause, are the extreme expression of disharmony, of evil through destruction. Whether they be lead by religion, greed, or some adherence to what some call satanism. It is our call, our choice and ours alone.

When someone chooses to do harm it will effect others, this is why there is suffering. The fact that our lives are doused in chaos, due to the chaos presented us by the many lies fed to us as truths. Choices of poor nutrition or exposure to toxic substances can effect the development of the new born or unhealthy life choices will bring disease in later life. This was not caused by the Creator, but solely based on our choices or the choices of others. Seems that the closer we walk in harmony of the Causative Power, the less dis-ease we will have in our lives.  We find that by choosing to move more into the harmony will also ‘heal’ the dis-ease of our bodies and lives. I believe all we can do is try to live like Yeshua did, though it is probably impossible for us, it seems like the best path. He came to show us the way. There had to be one that could traverse from the Source’s harmony, through this world, into the total chaos and absence of order back to Source. This is why Yeshua is considered the ‘Savior’ since he was able to do this. By acknowledging this, understanding His purpose we have the way. Yeshua said to Love one another, starting with yourself, then to others and eminently to the Big Boss. This journey, if committed to, will be transformative to the individual and ultimately the whole. The suffering and chaos we have is here because there are those on this planet, physical and spiritual that have either been blinded to the truth, or intentionally pervert the truth to keep the ‘Way’ hidden. “Choose you this day whom you will serve”.

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