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When bad things happen

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

We all seem to struggle with the 'bad things' that happen to us each and every day. If we can change our thinking, actually 're-boot' our minds from ego to Spirit we may find the 'things' that are bothering us are not there to bother us, but to show how we can better reflect the Light, or be in the vibration of our Creator. It is said that God spoke and created light, Yeshua said he was the Light of the world. He then said WE are the light of the world. If this is true, we must stop reflecting what is perceived darkness and realize these dark things may only be our Ego's interpretation of what is happening. If we can figure out what it is about any given situation that is causing us this discomfort, we may find it is our EGO rearing its ugly head. EGO perpetuates guilt and anger because it is offended, hurt or diminished in some way, therefore we think we were diminished. If we can look at the 'bad things' that happen as mirrors to us to see what we need to change, they lose their effect. They are merely signs of what is in you that is not reflecting our Creator. The Spirit cannot be offended, it only looks at how it can serve, how it can love, how it can better the person you are dealing with, while bettering each of us. The churches have made guilt and poverty a virtue, when in fact they are chains of slavery to this dimension, to lucifer, the 'lord of this world'. If there is light, there can be no darkness. Yeshua never took credit for the miraculous things he did, he ALWAYS pointed back to Source, the I AM. This I AM is in you as well, he said the Kingdom of God is.... within. Stop worrying about what you see in the mirror, how you feel when something happens, just seek to understand what it is in this situation that is TRULY causing you pain and you may find the cause is some disharmonious between Source and your work on becoming less so Source can shine more brightly through you. Source only comes into this dimension, this world THROUGH each of us. Put out the frequency of Love and compassion no matter what 'adversary' you face and you will take one step closer to being One with the Boss. Things that bother us have a frequency about them that makes that 'log' in our eye vibrate so it can be identified and removed, by your choice. Or you can continue feeling bad, angry and destroy our bodies and inviting more of the same into your life, until you learn whatever lesson it is meant to teach Your true journey is toward oneness with Yeshua and the Big Boss. Love yourself, so you really can love someone else. You cannot give others what you do not have. The 'frequency' of the Creator is harmony, Love and Compassion. Be Peace, because you choose to. It is after all.... a world of choices and consequences.

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