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When someone Dies

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

A thought on our pain we experience after someone we love passes. We must search into the why we miss them. Besides the obvious they are gone. Keep moving towards the reason for the lack of peace in this matter. Get down to the basis of the inability to allow yourself to come to peace in this matter. I know I felt I wished I would have said this or done that before my father passed, we didn’t have that great of a relationship. I found out how really special he was years later in my quest to be a father and provider. Coming to these realizations brought back pain in thinking I wished he knew what I think now.

I believe we are all 99% Spirit in our existence here. The 1%, our bio-electric vehicle returns to it's carbon base elements, the Spirit goes to wherever it is they go. I believe we essentially move back to the Source of all things to the extent we are “in tune” with Source. If we are way out of wack from the Frequency of Source we can’t get too close. Which is why I believe our goal is to try to become in harmony with the Source of all things, while here.

I believe Yeshua was able to explain or show the way to do this. He lived, He died, He ascended. Many in the eastern beliefs practice "Rainbow Body" attainment. This is where they have aligned with the Frequency of Source and essentially disappear. It takes them years and years of meditation while in an isolated existence, Yeshua did it while living a social existence. He died, then showed that there is Life after.

It seems that the closer to a Harmonious life to Source we have, the more peaceful we are. We must understand NOTHING in this world will ever bring satiation to the desire of the flesh. We always want another one, a better high, a more life threatening jump, more perverse experiences, it never ends with True Peace.

The person who passed, their Spirit is where ever they go, as will ours. In the book of Enoch it teaches that that there are 10 'dimensions', 9 are non-physical on the other side of this, the 10th dimension.

The first level is the Source of all things. The next two levels have no separation from Source but are different from Source, all in the same ‘frequency’ of Source. Levels 4,5,6,7,8,9 having increasing levels of distance from Source and increasing densities. The 10th being the most dense. Our harmony level with Source, based on the choices we have made here on this training ground determine which level we end up on and how near to the Source based on our "attuning" or atonement. While here on earth we respond or react based on either who we think we are and follow your own thinking, beliefs and desires or we let go of the belief we are all separate, letting go self and yield to Source as a servant to all, having compassion for all, doing no harm to none and work like the cells of our bodies, for the good of the whole.

The less in ego we have lived our lives, the closer we get to the Oneness with Source here in the physical, the closer we get in the Spiritual, once we leave our skin-suits behind. We come to the understanding that we are not worthless, by chance creations, but Perfect creations of the Perfect Creator, on a mission to be the Perfect expression of the Perfect Creator.

We are presently in the 10th dimension, which is totally separated from Sources interventions or influences outside of the Laws of Nature. Here we experience the consequences of our choices, God has nothing to do with what happens to us outside of what some call karma. Essentially this world is a cause and effect path, not some angry God punishing us. We are left to choose to self-serve or serve others. Free-will, is our call as to how we will choose to vibrate, be that in harmony with Source through the choice of Love and Compassion, or moving further and further away from Love into the vibration of Total Hatred, which will destroy.

Yeshua demonstrated the things that are possible when we live in atonement or alignment with Source. Yeshua said that He and the Father were one. He said you and I are one. There is only One One. Most religious tenets speak of a Oneness with the Universe and all of man-kind. Our goal would be to attain complete oneness and get to the levels of 2 and 3. If we don't quite achieve this level, we hopefully will attain near complete oneness and get to 3,4,5…if we just barely got by and didn't pay any attention to the truth inside of us and only listened to the talking heads, we will find ourselves on level 9.

Some religions speak of reincarnation, coming back over and over again with the hope of releasing all that we hold that restricts the flow of the Creators Love. This makes sense to me. I would only say that we need to live our lives like this is the only one we will get, since I do believe there may come a time when the practice sessions may come to an end. Because of 'free will' or self determination, we have the option of living in such a way that we could possibly end up in total separation from all of these levels and totally be outside of any harmony or love. This would take a pretty concentrated effort to hate and despise, to relish in evil, there is a verse that says the the Creator "will turn them over to their reprobate minds".

I believe when we pass we are much 'happier' since while we were here we struggled with many physical troubles or aliments. We will bask in the Peacefulness of where we are. When we pass the only 'suffering' may be let's say we get to level 8 and are watching our lives unfold and seeing all of the affects of our actions, words and choices on others. This can be disappointing to understand all of the ramifications of our choices and their effects on the "Whole". We may be sitting on level 8 and see those on level 6 and think, I want to go there and the desire to move closer over comes the dislike of being here and we choose to come back to work on those restricts, again.

The memories and feeling we have about the person who left are all we ever had since physically you can't be one. A Spirit centered marriage is the closest we can come to knowing this on a physical level. We will have to come to terms with any cause of our lack of peace with our loss of our loved one; physically ...outside of certainly missing them. Resolve any ‘guilt’ or ‘I wished I would have’, since what has happened, has happened and we must learn and choose to move forward with a more focused life, loving and letting those we love know it, while we are together here. The hole in your hearts energy field will never be filled by any one else. Allow your memories to fill it, you will always have them. I believe we will all enjoy the companionship with all of human-kind some day, at the level we have achieved by living the "less of me More of Thee" "Thy will be done" vibration or life.

Most enjoyable will be experiencing the compassion you once shared while matter how much more could have be done, what was, is to be cherished and learned from. The saying: "Insanity is continually doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results".

Aligning our hearts to forgiveness, gratitude and Love, will make it easier to find our peace. I think we will all meet up again at some level again, but then I'm just someone like you trying to make sense our this existence. What are your thoughts?

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